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04/17/12 1:21pm

let me show you what I mean. it might take you a minute to understand so I made an example below. here is the data from my bacteria populations and growth. I want to display the list with the lowest third position.
the first element with lowest third position would be


this is the 4th element that has the lowest third position.

I would like to add the 4th element from the next list to it as well

just like this

{{73.26,72.78,-0.00655201},{72.79, 73.46,0.00920456}}

I want to do this for every list in this LIST

the end result would look like
{{{73.26,72.78,-0.00655201},{72.79, 73.46,0.00920456}},{{77.48,78.15,0.00864739},{79.48,79.99,0.00641671}}}

{{{77.41,77.61,0.00258365},{104.95,104.5,-0.00428776}, {83.1,83.1,0.},{73.26,72.78,-0.00655201},{27.16,27.08,-0.00294551}},{{77.48,78.15,0.00864739},{104.49, 105.4,0.00870897},{82.97,83.8,0.0100036},{72.79, 73.46,0.00920456},{26.94,27.74,0.0296956}},{{79.48, 79.99,0.00641671},{107.71,107.81,0.000928419}, {85.05,85.65,0.00705467},{74.67,74.73,0.000803536},{28.1,28.37,0.00960854}}}

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