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04/18/12 5:22pm

list question:
to get my vocabulary straight. this is my LIST

LIST={{{a,a,2},{b,b,-8},{c,c,7},{d,d,9}},{{a,a,1},{b,b,7},{c,c,-7},{d,d,2}},{{a,a,9},{b,b,8},{c,c,10},{d,d,7}},{{a,a,5},{b,b,1}, {c,c,3},{d,d,-9}}}

within the LIST there are lists
for example:

in my list there are elements
for example:

within the elements, are positions

first position=a
2nd position=a
3rd position=2

what I want to do is this:
take a look at the first list, locate the lowest 3rd position and display that element. then since the 2rd element had the lowest 3rd position I also want to display the 2nd element in the next list too. I want to do this for all the lists in the LIST.
ill explain again in different words for clarity.
for each list I want to find the lowest 3rd position. then display the element with the lowest 3rd position and its corresponding element in the next list.

this is the first output: {{b,b,-8},{b,b,7}}

this would be the final result


thanks so much!

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