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04/21/12 12:43pm

I got this program mainly to use its inverse series calculator. I can't seem to figure out whether or not I can change the output form to sigma notation.

For example, I have

In: InverseSeries[Series[Hypergeometric2F1[1/2,1/2,1,k^2],{k,0,10}]]

Out: 2 Sqrt[k-1]-9/4 (k-1)^(3/2)+167/64 (k-1)^(5/2)-1457/512 (k-1)^(7/2)+(49451 (k-1)^(9/2))/16384+O[k-1]^5

But I would like to see this in sigma notation. What's got me frustrated are the ridiculously large primes in some of the coefficients, and I want to see where they come from.


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