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Hal Snarr
08/30/99 07:58am

Type setting in Mathematica 3.0 is really easy. When I start a new file I will first type my text in and then edit it so that it looks very sharp (correct size, fonts, style, etc.). Sometimes when I do these changes the text in the document disappears and then then anyother text (in any windows) on my desktop that I touch with my mouse disappears. The gui is ok (various icons, backgrounds, windows), but any text disapears. Thus I have to restart my iMac (32m, Mac OS 8.5). No data ever gets errased, when it occurs I jsut can't see text. Mathematica is the only software package that causes my text on my desktop to disappear. I have tried Disk First Aid, Norton Utilities, changing cache and memory....

Thanks Hal

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type setting Hal Snarr 08/30/99 07:58am
Re: type setting P.J. Hinton 08/31/99 05:56am
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