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04/24/12 5:49pm

Hey all,

I am trying to do coupled second order differential equations in Mathematica, but apparently their example doesn't work so I've been quite stumped. The example is located at

Copy/pasting it into Mathematica 8 for students throws the following error:

NDSolve::deqn: Equation or list of equations expected instead of
False in the first argument {(x^\[Prime])[t]==-x[t]^2-y[t],-9.8==2 x[t]-y[t],False}. >>

I basically get the same error with the equations I want to actually solve, so what's the deal? Has the method changed between versions and the documentation isn't up to date? Thanks!

URL: ,

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Coupled differential equations example fails Jacob 04/24/12 5:49pm
Re: Coupled differential equations example fails Forum Modera... 04/25/12 4:51pm
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