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02/13/97 7:00pm

Reply to message #166 from Thomas Skipper: > Reply to message #130
from Forum Moderator: > > Reply to message #126 from Michael Jorgenson:
> > > I have the Mathematica version 3.0 student version running on
a win.95 platform. > > > I'm having some difficulty getting Mathlink
up & running so that I can use it in conjunction with Excel. > > >
I've just recieved my ''Mathlink for Excel'' package, and on page
7 of the doccumentation, under the second paragraph of [Step 1-Install
files] , it states: > > > ''On Windows you must also move files necessary
to use Mathlink to your WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. These files are
MLTCP32.MLL. They can be found in the Mathematica directory...'' >
> > Unfortunately I cannot find the aforementioned files in any of
the directories created when I installed Mathematica on my hard drive.
I also cannot find them on the cd-rom. Have I overlooked their location,
or are they not provided with the 3.0 student version of Mathematica
? > > ------------ > > > > These files are V2.2 files. If you have
> > a V2.2 installation these files may still be in your computer's
Windows/System directory. If not they are available as the zipped
file at the following URL: > > > >
> > > > There is more to the story, however, unless you are using
the 16 bit version of Excel 5.0 or an earlier version, your > > MathLink
for Excel will not work. A new 32 bit release of MathLink for Excel
is in development. Wolframs Sales department at will
have information on anticipated release dates. > > > > Tom Zeller
> > Forum Moderator. > > I too am looking for these files. However,
the location you specified for is an EMPTY directory.
In fact, I can't locate this file or mlink16.dll,mllcl.dll,mltcp16
anywhere on any of your ftp sites or your web site or mathsource or
anywhere at all!!! > Basically you have sent me on awild goose chase.Again, is an empty directory.If
these files do exist, would you please post an update to their current
location and remove references to locations that no longer exist.
> Thank you. > > > >
is not an empty directory, rather its contents are not visible, as
the message that is displayed when you access this directory via a
web browswer or ftp indicates. The emptiness or non-emptiness of this
directory is beside the point, however. As was mentioned in the previous
note, the files your are looking for are in
which is both visible and non-empty. Forum Moderator.

URL: ,
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