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05/06/12 2:02pm

Hello everybody,

I am using Mathematica of the Version 7 and I want to make a table (here a vector of Dimension n) of eigen-functions. The mathemical way to do this does not matter here and no. Let's say I want to have e.g. the Monomials functions x^k with 0<k<n.
(Monomials ={Function[x,1], Function[x,x], Function[x,x^2], , Function[x,x^n]})
First I tried the direct deklaration:

Monomials = Table[Function[x,x^k],{k,0,n}]
and then the way using: Do[..], For[...] and While[...] but all of them do not work properly. Caused by a unfavorable scope of the Parameter k, which seemed to be copied as an instance but not as a well know copy of the current value.

Does anyone know how I can create such a vector of functions correct ?

Thank You very much.

Best regards

PS. Please understand me well: I do not want to have any build in function which gives me all Monomials. I just used this as a example. In real I build my Functions out of a Matrix.

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