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05/08/12 02:29am

this is stupid hard! ahha. cant figure it out!

List={{"a", 1, 14}, {"a", 2, 15}, {"a", 3,16}, {"a", 4, 17}, {"a", 5, 18},{"a",5,19}}

element={"a", 1, 14}




I want to take moving average of position3 and then divide position3 by the dividing the moving average x units forward.

for example, lets say...
length of moving average= 3
offset division= 2

and lets just look at position 3 for clarity.
moving average=> {15,16,17,18}
offset division=> {18/15,19/16}

so since the moving average is 3, two units are automatically taken off the beginning of the moving average list. and since the division needs to offset 2 units forward, this makes the final list smaller yet.

so then my final list needs to be cut down as well

final result: add another position for the movingaverage/offsetdivision

{{"a", 5, 18,18/15},{"a",5,19,19/16}}

I need this function to work for a moving average of x units and an offset division of y units

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super hard list manipulation question! Lily 05/08/12 02:29am
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