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05/09/12 09:54am


I'm using NDSolve, in order to solve a PDE and I won't to evaluate the results plus the derivatives of the result. Example:

NDSolve[{Derivative[0,1][u][x,t]-Derivative[1,0][u][x,t]-Derivative[1,0][v][x,t]==0, y[x,0]==0, Derivative[1,0][u][0,t], Derivative[1,0][v][0,t]},{u,v}, {x,0,10}, {t,0,10}]

When I want to evaluate the results I get results for u, v, u_t, and v_t, but I can't evaluate u_x nor v_x. These obviously have to be calculated somehow? How can I tell mathematica 8 to save the results?

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