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05/11/12 12:10pm

Sometimes I get some strange Units in the Output, appendixes like Sqrt[-1/m]*Sqrt[-m] which could easily cancel each other out, but they dont; even when I use the Simplify/FullSimplify Command. It looks like


while it sholud look like "895.78 sek"


c = 299792458 m/sek;
G = 6.67384*10^-11 m^3/kg/sek^2;
M = 5.977*10^24 kg;
r2 = 6378000 m;
rs = 2*G*M/c^2;
r1 = rs;

\[Tau] =
\*SubsuperscriptBox[\(\[Integral]\), \(r1\), \(r2\)]\(
\*FractionBox[\(rs\), \(r\)] -
\*FractionBox[\(rs\), \(r2\)]\)]] \[DifferentialD]r\)\)


Then it gives me the right solution, but appendet with unneccessary Sqrt[-1/m]*Sqrt[-m]instead of shortening it to -1...

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