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05/20/12 09:04am

Good day,
I am relatively new to mathematica, and I am using it to fit a formula to a dataset that I have. To begin with, I am having issues with a very simple part, namely with a ListPlot.

I have an xls file with 2 columns and 26 rows, corresponding to an x and a y value. Using import, I neatly get these into mathematica. However, when I use listplot, all I get is an empty plot, ranging between -1 and 1 for both the x and the y scale. I must be doing something simple wrong, but I honestly can't figure out what it is.
If needed, the xls file can be found at:

Now, the next part I haven't really tried too much with yet, but it is giving me cringes even trying to think about it. I have a formula in the form of
W^((A/a)*(1-e^(-a*t))), where W, A and a are parameters that have to be fitted, t is the x from the datalist and the output is the y from the datalist. Could anyone maybe point me to a tutorial or guide on how to get me started with this?

Thanks in advance

URL: ,

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