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05/21/12 10:28am


I am facing some problems with exporting data to Excel format. I have a list with dimensions 12000x3 and I use the following code (Here I have generated an example list of random integers with dimensions 12000x3):


but I get the following error:
Export::fmterr: Invalid XLS format.>>

After some investigation I found an archive thread with the same problem,

It seems that others have faced this problem too . However, I could not find any solution this except for some tweaking the Java parameters. I do not wish to tweak any default parameters.

Can somebody tell me why this problem still arises and what is a simple solution to it? The problem seems to be with large datasets because when I export 1200x3 list then it works fine.

It is really an annoying problem and I hope the Mathematica development team takes care of this as soon as possible.

Thanks and Regards,

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