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05/21/12 10:50am

I am trying to fit some experimental data to a Non-Linear model. I was able to do this, till I slightly modified my model, and now I get a singular jacobian error (FindRoot::jsing: Encountered a singular Jacobian at the point {ef} = {0.05}. Try perturbing the initial point(s). >>)

The weird thing is, this error is in FindRoot, and not in the NonLinearModelFit command. My model does include a variable (called ef), which is the result of a FindRoot command. However, when I just try to solve for ef using FindRoot, I am able to do so without trouble.

The notebook is attached. Also, I get an error that says {0.37433} is not a number. I guess this is a list of one element. How do I convert it to a number?

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