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Chuck Han
05/22/12 2:14pm

I was trying to work on one of my problem on mathematica the other day. I have a function which has format A*Cos(d)*Cos(o*t)+A*Sin(d)*Sin(o*t)+B*Cos(b)*Cos(p*t)+B*Sin(b)*Sin(p*t)
I need to substitute A*Cos(d)=C, A*Sin(d)=D, B*Cos(b)=E and B*Sin(b)=F.
However, in Mathematica, I cannot assign a term to a trigonometry function( at least I don't know how to do it). Does anyone know how to make it work beside assign a new function manually?

Thank you

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substitute trigonometry Chuck Han 05/22/12 2:14pm
Re: substitute trigonometry Bill Simpson 05/23/12 1:19pm
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