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Giampiero Noto
02/20/97 10:58am

I am a student of aerospace engineering (faculty ''La Sapienza'' in
Rome - ITALY) and currently I am working on a project for my thesis
of degree. I am working with Mathematica to the purpose of perform
all the necessary calculus. My questions is the following: is possible
extract eigenvectors from a 1000-order matrix (or more)? If one in
that way? I have succeeded to extract eigenvectors from max 320-order
matrixes. I would be you very thankful if you could give me an explanation
as soon as possible. Thank you for your help. Best Regards. Giampiero
Noto P.S. my system is: Hardware:PentiumPro 200MHz 128 Mb Ram Software:Windows
NT4.0 (or Windows 3.11) Mathematica 2.2 Noto Giampiero via C.Ganelli,
5 04012 Cisterna (LT) ITALY fax/phone: +39 6 96881602 please replay

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