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Chris Hollars
09/09/99 3:40pm

I have a situation where I have a Equation that I am plotting as a function of x.

Here is my plotting command if it helps…

Plot[Exf,{x,-0.0000001, 0.0000001}]

This function gives two local maxima where they could possibly be equal.

Is there a command that will display data (x, Exf at x) for the maxima?

If the answer to that question is no….

Then can I spit out all the data (x, Exf at x) for a range of x values to a table and I will manually find the maxima?

Thank You for your help,

Chris Hollars

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Data output Chris Hollars 09/09/99 3:40pm
Re: Data output Chris Hollars 09/10/99 08:11am
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