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05/30/12 10:24pm

so far I have found that filling the area is possible in Plot[] by doing this

Plot[{Sin[x] + x/2, Sin[x] + x}, {x, 0, 10}, Filling -> {1 -> {2}}]

so I tried something similar in Plot3D[]
Plot3D[{Sin[x] Sin[y], Sin[y] Cos[x]} , {x, -3, 3}, {y, -2, 2},
Filling -> {1 -> {2}}, FillingStyle -> Orange]

is there a way to fill the area between two 3D functions, what is wrong with the way I am approaching this?


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Fill area between two 3D functions Mel 05/30/12 10:24pm
Re: Fill area between two 3D functions Forum Modera... 05/31/12 12:43pm
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