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06/06/12 10:57am

(notebook is attached)

The function I want to fit to is:

T == -((A2^2) /(1 + 4 (pos2 - w - P T)^2/k1^2))

The problem is that

func[A2_, k1_, pos2_, P_, w_] :=
T /. NSolve[T == -((A2^2)/(1 + 4 (pos2 - w - P T)^2/k1^2)), T, Reals][[1]]];

func[A2, k1, pos2, P, 14000] /. startpar

leads to an error message. This is because NSolve does not recognize the the replacement command and therefore tries to solve the equation analytically. The same holds true when I use FindFit. Does anyone has an idea how to solve the problem?

Is there another way to fit implicit functions?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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