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Angel Tang
06/09/12 00:32am

This problem has puzzled me almost one year and still has no light to solve it.I sincerely hope someone help me.
the problem just as follow:
for example:
In the mathematica,we input
then the answer output as

I just want he can show

That's to say,I want the compute process.
How can I achieve it?

In fact, I have tried many method.
I firstly let the formula be a string as:
then I use the command "StringReplace" to replace the Simbol,such as
In[2]:StringReplace["D=AB*BC/B","B" -> "2"]
then you may find that error like
D=AB*2C/2 which is not I want.

How to program so I can have a satisfied answer?
Sincerely hope for you help.

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compute control(puzzled me so long) Angel Tang 06/09/12 00:32am
Re: compute control(puzzled me so long) Michael 06/10/12 07:30am
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