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emmett henry
06/13/12 7:07pm

Is it possible to have parameters in the function that I want to plot?

I would like Plot a function F on the domain {x,0,100},y,0,100}

and my function F has two parameters {a,H} with their own domain {a,0,100},{H,1,100}

Function F is below:
(H^3 - H^2 (x + y) + x (a^2 - y^2 + a (-x + y)) +
H (x^2 + x y + y^2 - a (x + y)))/(a - H)^2

I Thank you

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Plo3D emmett henry 06/13/12 7:07pm
Re: Plo3D Michael 06/18/12 11:19am
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