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06/18/12 06:18am

Hi everyone,

I've started to play with Mathematica and I can't understand the basic concept around it. Can you please help me and explain few simple things ? I am used to Matlab you know...

1. Coding. My apps in Matlab do lot of scripting, live plotting, data acquision. I just can't image how to do this in Mathematica. Maybe it is no good for that ? Simple question - how to get live data from audio in ? I am not asking about DAQ...I've found stuff called WorkBench, it looks more coding-style, maybe it can help ?

2. Speed. I just don't get. Let's say FFT. It takes 20-30 times longer to do same FFT in Mathematica. Importing big amount of data is ultra long. Matlab is ultra fast in comparison. It should not be like that. For example to import 20M WAV and make FFT in Matlab it takes few seconds. Mathematica thinks about 3-4 minutes...It should be like that ?

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