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Peder B
06/18/12 10:48am

Here's the problem:
I have a vector field in three dimensions, and my goal is to create a graphic/plot/picture, whatever, of 6 "sides" of this vector field. That is, the field is only physically meaningful inside a rectangular cavity. (I know about VectorPlot3D, but that creates just a bunch of vectors all over the place, which makes it hard to evaluate (for me, not my computer), plus, what I care about is really what happens at the walls (the boundaries).
So what I have done is I've plotted all these two-dimensional walls, and I was hoping it would somehow be possible to create a cube out of these pictures (or, right now they are still plots).

So: can you make a 3D cube with specified pictures for each side?

Thanks for any help!

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Creating a 3D graphic of pictures/plots Peder B 06/18/12 10:48am
Re: Creating a 3D graphic of pictures/plots Michael 06/18/12 12:08pm
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