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06/18/12 11:33pm

Hi, I'm pretty new to mathematica, so I'm not quite sure what im doing wrong, but for some reason whenever I try to define a function in a notebook, I can never access the function and when I query it ("? f"), the output is always "{"if", "of"}" and never the function. The input im using, for example, is "f[k_]=k^2" and i have tried "Function [u,u^2][x]" just to see if it does anything and I get the same result. I can however open the kernel and defining functions in it works just fine. I want the ability to edit them after im done defining them though, without having to redefine them, so I cant really use the kernel.
Also, I was wondering if there was a way to keep mathematica in "degree mode" because im trying to use a pretty long function with multiple trigonometric operators and it's supposed to be degrees, not radians.
I.E "Tan[5.625k+2.8125]" should evaluate in degrees, but when I change it to "Tan[5.625k+2.8125 Degree]", it seems like mathematica only assumes the 2.8125 is degrees and the rest is radians. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me regarding this

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