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Avijeet Prasad
06/26/12 02:28am


How to take the nth roots of a list of negative
numbers and restrict the solutions to real domain?

In the following example, Out[854] returns only the complex solutions instead of the initial real
list given in In[852]:

In[852]:= tab1=Table[x,{x,-10,-5,1.5}]
Out[852]= {-10.,-8.5,-7.,-5.5}
In[853]:= tab2=tab1^3
Out[853]= {-1000.,-614.125,-343.,-166.375}
In[854]:= tab2^(1/3)
Out[854]= {5.+8.66025 I,4.25+7.36122 I,3.5+6.06218 I,2.75+4.76314 I}

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real roots of negative numbers Avijeet Prasad 06/26/12 02:28am
Re: real roots of negative numbers Forum Modera... 06/26/12 7:41pm
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