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06/29/12 07:32am


I have a data sample and I want to test if it follows an analytical distribution in the form

mydist[x_, n_, \[Sigma]_] := E^(-((x)^2/(2 Sqrt[\[Pi]] \[Sigma]^2)))/(
2 Sqrt[\[Pi]] \[Sigma] Gamma[n/2])

I figured I need DistributionFitTest[data,dist], where for data I take my data sample and for dist my distribution. Inserting the distribution in its analytical form however produces an error, I guess Mathematica accepts only its own distributions.

So I am not sure how to do this. I thought of generating a second data sample from my distribution and compareing both data samples.

Is this possible? And how can I do this? Or is there another way to accomplish my task?

I will appreciate some advices, thanks!

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DistributionFitTest question mani 06/29/12 07:32am
Re: DistributionFitTest question Michael 06/29/12 9:06pm
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