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P.J. Hinton
09/20/99 05:15am

>Is there a way to set the view point, the scale and other parameters in realtime of a Plot3D graphic?


You can select the viewpoint to be used in a graphics object that understands the ViewPoint option with the help of the 3D viewpoint selector dialog.

You can get additional information on how to use this dialog window from the online help. Paste the following expression in a notebook and evaluate it.

\[RawDoubleQuote]3D ViewPoint Selector...\[RawDoubleQuote] ]]

Mathematica 4 contains an experimental package for rotating three-dimensional objects in real time. It is available only on MacOS and Windows versions of Mathematica 4. You can enable the feature by invoking this command


When this feature is enabled, you can click on a three-dimensional graphic and rotate it with your mouse.

P.J. Hinton
Wolfram Research, Inc.

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