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Enrico Ng
10/08/99 06:03am

I tried the realtime 3d thing and just endedup getting a message ''failed''

>>Is there a way to set the view point, the scale and other parameters in realtime of a Plot3D graphic?
>You can select the viewpoint to be used in a graphics object that understands the ViewPoint option with the help of the 3D viewpoint selector dialog.
>You can get additional information on how to use this dialog window from the online help. Paste the following expression in a notebook and evaluate it.
>\[RawDoubleQuote]3D ViewPoint Selector...\[RawDoubleQuote] ]]
>Mathematica 4 contains an experimental package for rotating three-dimensional objects in real time. It is available only on MacOS and Windows versions of Mathematica 4. You can enable the feature by invoking this command
>When this feature is enabled, you can click on a three-dimensional graphic and rotate it with your mouse.
>P.J. Hinton
>Wolfram Research, Inc.

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