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07/05/12 10:30am


M /. Power[E, Times[s, Subscript[t, index_], ___]] :> z[index]

on M = A0, B0, etc. Note one entry in B0 in the notebook you attached lacks an s, perhaps intentionally.

Notes: 1. The t-sub-i must be undefined. If you have set their values through the delay input dialog, then the matrix that Position receives will have those values and not the symbol t-sub-i.
2. The solution above assumes s is always present as a symbol. I omitted lambda since it appeared as a number, not a symbol. Variants for experimentation:

M /. Power[E, Times[Subscript[t, index_], ___]] :> z[index]
M /. Power[E, Times[\[Lambda], s, Subscript[t, index_], ___]] :> z[index]

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