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07/06/12 04:31am

Hello everybody!

I'm doing an investigation on the properties of vowels in a particular language. Vowels are characterized by three so-called "formants", which are frequencies: F1, F2 and F3. For many languages' vowel systems, it's enough to only take F1 and F2 into consideration. Typically, F1 ranges between 300 and 800 kHz, F2 between 1200 and 2500 kHz.

Now my question: Two-dimensional formant charts are traditionally oriented that way that F1 runs from Top to Bottom, and F2 from Right to Left. So the origin of the resulting coordinate system is in the right top corner, with increasing values for F1 (F2) in negative y- (x-) direction.
Does Mathematica provide a simple solution for changing the orientation of the axes in 2D so that they meet my needs (i.e. x-Axis running from Top to Bottom, y-Axis from Richt to Left)?

Thanks for your help,


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