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Christopher Tiee
09/22/99 05:31am


I've been trying to save a notebook as HTML. I have a
monitor set to 1024x768 resolution, so the width of the
window that contains a long answer shows completely and
neatly (i.e. numerators and denominators directly over each
other with a vertical bar, rather than broken up on 2 or
more lines using parentheses and slashes). However saving it
as html seems to assume that the window is very short, so
each image appears in the more messy ''parentheses and
slashes'' form.

How do I adjust the default sizes assumed by HTMLSave?

BTW, it works if I manually convert all the output to
postscript graphics, but that would be way too much work in
any nontrivial notebook.

working in the Mac version of Mathematica 4.

thanks in advance,

Chris Ti

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