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07/08/12 3:16pm

My Mathematica 7 is not working. I have a Mathematica 6 that runs, although it can't run programs that I have written for Mathematica 7.

I'm not getting proper formatting, and every cell, it it is to evaluate, has to have Evaluatable manually checked each time. The rightmost dingbats are missing from the right side.

Also, my Documentation resource doesn't work. If I try to look up an instruction, say, Flatten, I can get as far as the page with that instruction along with other instructions, but getting to the instruction itself is a nogo.

I would like to attach two screen shots, one of how a cell typically looks now, and the other of how far I can get looking up Flatten (not that I want to know how it works, but just to show how far I can get looking it up), but there seems to be room for only one. I will attach the picture of how it fails to evaluate (before I check of Evaluatable) or look right. If I'm allowed to post a second time, I will attach the second screenshot.

Obviously, I would like to know what's wrong and if there is some simple fix, or if I will have to get a new download from Support. I'm extremely poor, and can't afford to spend as much money as a new Mathematica7 would cost, which is why I'm desperately hoping for some simple fix.

Sometimes, if Java doesn't load in time (like if my anti-virus software is still loading), the Documentation will refuse to work and I'll have to log out of Mathematica 7 and log back in.

My version number is 7.0.0 and I'm running on Microsoft Windows (32 - bit).

I've already left a couple of emails with support, but I'm in a rush to get back up and running ASAP.

I don't have a backup disk, or at least I can't find one if I ever had it.

My programs are not corrupted, some of them run in Mathematica 6, but not of course the ones I want to run.

From looking at the picture(s), do you think there is some simple fix other than reloading Mathematica 7? I've gone back and forth between various options in 6 and 7 trying to find some difference in the way things are set up, trying to find one button or another, but I can't find anything. I've tried resetting Defaults, but that doesn't work either. I've set my computer back to an earlier time too, but that didn't work.

I'm looking forward to a response; thank you.



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