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07/08/12 3:26pm

Hello there,

Let me start from the beginning. I have dynamical system described by two autonomous ODEs (eqn1, eqn2). To find equilibrium points I used NSolve[{eqn1 == 0, eqn2 == 0}, {x, y}] which gave me 5 solutions in a form {{x->2, y->0},{...},...}. I also constructed Jacobian matrix using M={{D[eqn1,x], D[eqn1,y]},{D[eqn2,x],D[eqn2,x]}} which is written with x and y. Next I need to calculate this Jacobian matrix substituting solutions from NSolve function to find its eigenvalues. So I should have 5 matrices with corresponding eigenvalues. How can I achieve this? The problem is to substitute values from the solution to the matrix. I will appreciate any help.

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