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09/23/99 2:13pm

>Hi there at Wolfram Support,
>I have recently bought a Windows version of Student mathematica and hve been have a small problem with certain characters from different symbol palettes. I find that when I pick the symbol for function i.e. (f) I get another symbol that looks nothing like the on I want. This is happening on a number of symbols that I have tried to use but not all of them. I Have tried to find some information in the online book about this but I could find anything about it. The disturbing thing is that when the book makes reference to keyboard shortcuts the character set they show is that of a European language not the english keyboard. Could you please help me out on this one.
>Thanks Heaps.


You might try removing your FrontEnd prefs file, init.m,
and your Caches folder, see:

You may also need to uninstall and reinstall your fonts:

To properly remove the fonts:
a.Double-click the Fonts icon in the Control Panels.
b.Select the Math fonts. The font names begin with Mathn, where n is a digit from 1 to 5. Most have names such as Math1Mono and Math1Mono-Bold.
c.Choose Delete from the File menu.

Then reinstall the fonts from the CD

Tom Zeller
Forum Moderator

PS: Your message showed up 4 time in the Forum. If you
posted 4 times, please post only once in the future. If
you only posted once then we need to look into things on
our end.

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