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07/14/12 07:36am

I want to obtain a Space State Model of some PDEs..

This is the syntax I use:

SpaceStateModel[{eqn1[Xc[t], \[Theta][t], \[Alpha][t]],
eqn2[Xc[t], \[Theta][t], \[Alpha][t]],
eqn3[Xc[t], \[Theta][t], \[Alpha][t]]}, {{Xc[t], 0}, {Xc'[t],
0}, {\[Theta][t], 0}, {\[Theta]'[t], 0}, {\[Alpha][t],
0}, {\[Alpha]'[t], 0}}, {Vm[t],
0}, {Xc[t], \[Theta][t], \[Alpha][t]}, t]

this is from a system with one input (Vm) and 3 outputs (Xc, Theta, Alpha) linearized around 0 for all of the variables.

It must be kinda tricky because It seems to do nothing. Any help will be appreciated.

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Space State Model Javier 07/14/12 07:36am
Re: Space State Model Michael 07/17/12 11:31am
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