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Timur Islamoglu
07/14/12 7:57pm

I have a function modeled for an adsorption isotherm
which is

((1.446342589*(4.521921055)*p^(1/0.897497725))/(1 + (4.521921055)*p^(1/0.897497725)) +(3.64034898*0.565976319*p^(1/0.593468551))/(1 + (0.565976319*p^(1/0.593468551))))==n

This whole thing equals to n,
It is easy to give p values and get n values but I need to give n values and get p values which is the inverse of my function. I know not all functions have an inverse but I know that mine has, at least in the range that I am looking for the inverse.

Interestingly formula works for some functions but not all. I know they all have inverse at least in that range (i.e n=0 to n=10)

I have defined function above as
tmr2 = f[p_] :=
p^(1/0.897497725))/(1 + (4.521921055)*
p^(1/0.897497725)) + (3.64034898*0.565976319*
p^(1/0.593468551))/(1 + (0.565976319*p^(1/0.593468551))))

and it works but for the function below it does not work

tmr = g[p_] := (5.52*29.6*p^(0.89))/(1 +
29.6*p^(0.89)) + ((11.4*0.105*p)/(1 + 0.105*p))

it does not give me the result,

I do not need to have the inverse function
ı just need the p values for the n values that I defined. And I need them in a column not one by one.
Let say I want n from 0 to 5 with the 0.5 interval

f you do not have an answer for taking the inverse, I will be also needing help for how to setup formula to get a series of n values for a given p values in inversefunction command.

If you can help me with that I will be really thankful to you.
Thanks in advance

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