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07/14/12 9:30pm

When i tried to solved a coupled differential equations, I get the following message:

NDSolve::nlnum: The function value {0. +(((0. +0. I)+1. (Jx-Jy)) (Jx-Jy))/(4 \[Gamma]),0.,0.,0. +((Jx-Jy) (0. -(0. +2. I) \[Gamma]))/(4 \[Gamma]),0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0. -((Jx-Jy) (0. -(0. +2. I) \[Gamma]))/(4 \[Gamma]),0.,0.,0. -(((0. +0. I)+1. (Jx-Jy)) (Jx-Jy))/(4 \[Gamma])}
is not a list of numbers with dimensions {16} at {t,rho[1,1,t],rho[1,2,t],rho[1,3,t],rho[1,4,t],rho[2,1,t],rho[2,2,t],rho[2,3,t],rho[2,4,t],<<16>>,(rho^(0,0,1))[3,1,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[3,2,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[3,3,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[3,4,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[4,1,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[4,2,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[4,3,t],(rho^(0,0,1))[4,4,t]} = {0.,1.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.,0.}. >>

May I know what does it mean and how do I resolve such error message? Thanks

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