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07/17/12 02:59am


I have a notebook that uses some pretty large, visually uninteresting and pretty much only-in-the-way functions. To make the code a little more user friendly, I am trying to find a way to ideally put those large and ugly functions somewhere else (e.g. a different file), and then call these functions from the hopefully-soon-more-user-friendly notebook.
That is, I have functions of two variables that I use to plot things, but the functions themselves are horrendous and take up lots and lots of space, so it would be great if I could put these functions elsewhere. Is this possible?
I've read a bit about MathLink and that stuff, but it seemed a little more complicated than I thought this ought to be - I'm not using a different language or anything, I just want to put one mathematica-function somewhere else to make to notebook less ugly.

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Using external functions Peder 07/17/12 02:59am
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