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07/17/12 08:18am


When using the following Wolfram Alpha query in Mathematica 8 (by pressing ==) "solve derivative y=2x^2-2x+6" Mathematica does not show additional steps (yes the button is shown but an error is thrown).

Wolphram Alpha is however capable to produce the intermediate steps of this query.

Now I know that Mathematica gets to the result in a way different than Wolphram Alpha does, but this is why I provided the query as an Wolphram Alpha query in Mathematica.

I would have thought that now with the 'integration' of Wolphram Alpha, this would now be possible.

Am I wrong in assuming that or I am just doing something wrong? Should I provide the query in Mathematica in another way/syntax in order to get the same result but not WITH the intermediate steps being able to be expanded.


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Using Wolfram Alpha query in Mathematica Erik 07/17/12 08:18am
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