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07/18/12 06:33am

Hello :)

i have two problems:
1.: i know nothing about c compilers ;-)

2.: i need to process a simple calculation several million times. therefore i compiled my function, but it would be even faster, if it was compiled in c code, wouldnt it?
The Problem:
When i use the compile function with compilation target->"C", i get the message no compiler found. so i downloaded the MinGW-x64 compiler as described in the help files here under "generic c compiler":

extraction is done, and i have set the path variable to the /bin folder of the compiler (windows 7).

as described in the instructions, i loaded the necessary drivers via Need[..]. now CreateExecutable[...] works perfectly fine and gives me a file i can run. to solve my problem with "compilation target-> "c"" i now need to set the MinGW-x64 compiler as default. (by the way, CCompilers[] returns {} and ..[Full] returns an intel compiler i have never seen nor installed). so i continue with $CCompiler=... and set the correct installation location to the MinGW folder, as it is done in the example. The problem now is, that i still get the "no compiler found" error, referring to the help file listed above. CCompilers[] still returns {}... EclipseC++ and devC++ work perfectly fine, by the way.

i have the feeling that im making a basic mistake, but i dont know which.

thanks in advance,


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