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P.J. Hinton
09/27/99 5:22pm

>Is there a convenient way to print large sections of the Mathematica Book? I prefer to read paper. The help system font is very tiny.

The oneline documentation is partitioned into Mathematica notebooks which are separated by section. You can open these individual notebooks in the front end and print them.

Which font are you complaining about? The font used to display text in the browser window, or the font used to display text in the category scroll panes. The former can be fixed by either temporarily bumping up the magnification level of the window using the Format menu, or you can adjust things by changing the Notebook prototype cell style in the HelpBrowser.nb style sheet.

A hardbound version of the book can be purchased at a suggested retail price of $49.95, but you can get it for substantially less at many discount book dealers. Buying the print version may be cheaper than the money you'll spend in paper and printer ink.

P.J. Hinton

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Printing documentation Alex Nelson 09/27/99 06:24am
Re: Printing documentation P.J. Hinton 09/27/99 5:22pm
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