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07/19/12 05:44am

Hello, I am trying to use NDSolve to solve a rather large set of equations however it is not storing the resulting substitution rules into the array in the way I expected, rather it's adding $number's to it

My code is more or less something like this:

For[i=1, i <= N, i++,
Eq1 = <some function of i>
sol1[i] = NDSolve[{Eq1[[1]] == 0, Eq1[[2]] == 0, <initial condiitons>, {x1[t], x2[t]}, {t, 0, 1}];
For[j = 1, j <= N, j++,
Eq2 = <some function of i, j>
sol2[[i, j]] = NDSolve[{Eq2[[1]] == 0, Eq2[[2]] == 0, {y1[t], y2[t]}, {t, 0, 1}];

Then I inspect sol2[[1,1]] and I get something like:


and so I can't apply {y1[t], y2[t]} /. output

Any ideas how to stop Mathematica from adding the $numbers to my function name?


For the actual code and not the summarised version above,

URL: ,

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