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07/22/12 1:56pm

Hi, I have a weird problem that is happening since a while using Mathematica 7.
First of all I have to say that in the past (I use mathematica since many years) it never happens!
It is simple, when I copy and paste cells (comprehensive of input, output , graphics and text...sections subsections etc), I lose the formatting!!!
Sometimes it does not paste anything!! I have to select the cells and do copy as Cell Expression and then paste (but not always works! sometimes doesn't paste anything neither this way!!)
Second, if I wanna copy not the cell but the input, just selecting it, and then I paste, I lose the formatting again (i.e. fractions become "/" instead of the formatting and square root becomes Sqrt[] instead of the symbol!! these are just examples...the point is that I lose formatting!!)
So I NEVER EVER experienced that in the past! What's happening??? I also reinstalled the software but nothing!!
Thanks for your help!

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