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Avijeet Prasad
07/25/12 11:58pm


Consider the following the problem:

f[n_]= Some complicated function of n.

I have to evaluate the function for 8 values
of n. So I use the command:

tab = Table[ParallelSubmit[{n}, f[n]], {n, 1, 8}]
ans = WaitAll[tab]

The above code splits the job into 8 subkernels
and I get a speedup of around 7.96, as shown by
the Parallel Kernel Status. But I have a system
with 24 cores and I would like to use all the
24 subkernels (not only 8) for getting faster
results. How should I change the above code that
it can use more than 8 subkernels?

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Optimizing parallelization Avijeet Prasad 07/25/12 11:58pm
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