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09/28/99 07:55am

>When I try and plot the following function, I get error messages as follows:
>Plot[(2*Pi*2.998e8*2.998e8*6.626e-34)/( x^5*(Exp[(6.626e-34*2.998e8)/(x*1.381e-23*293.15)]-1)), {x,1,10}]
>The errors (about three or four of them) say that some number is not a machine-sized real number. Does anyone know the way to solve this dilemma?


Did you check to see if you function actually evaluates
to a number? For example, evaluating:

x^5*(Exp[(6.626e-34*2.998e8)/(x*1.381e-23*293.15)]-1)) /. x-> 1

will show that Mathematica does not interpret your ''e''
notation as you expect.

Replacing e with 10^ gives a function that can be plotted.

Plot[(2*Pi*2.998 10^8*2.998 10^8*6.626 10^-34)/(
x^5*(Exp[(6.626 10^-34*2.998 10^8)/(x*1.381 10^-23*293.15)]-1)),

Tom Zeller
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