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07/26/12 10:04am


Attached is an example of a notebook I am trying to tinker with. What I want is to generate a listplot in which the x and y are on the same scale as the Z.

What I roriginally had was a 20x20 list of Z heights (real surface heights), and I used basic listplot3D. As seen in the notebook, this gives the first graph: A bunch of thin cuboids which almost represent a real surface. However the cuboids should be much wider, almost ten times wider than they are tall.

What I want is to reflect this by applying the actual x and y dimension to each cuboid, and to have it print in real space so that x,y, and z are to scale with eachother. So included is also an attempt to make this 20x20 matrix into a 1 dimensional list of triplets {x,y,z} and to plot this. This does not fix the problem though, as the graph acts funny, as you'll see, and still plots them as very thin cuboids rather than having x,y,z distances be the same.

Thank you so much if anyone can help,


Attachment: PlottingXYScaleCorrect.nb, URL: ,

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Plotting X and Y to Scale with Z Patrick 07/26/12 10:04am
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