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09/28/99 1:14pm

>I have the following problem:
>I installed Mathematica under Linux 6.0 and
>I upgraded Mathematica 3 to Mathematica 4. The Mathematica 4 is now running, but I get the following message in a window,
>called ''stderr'', with the following message:
>''Warning: Actions not found: delete-next-character''
>May be I have any problems with the kernel or something with start scripts. Nevertheless, I made some calculations and plots with that new version of Mathematica and it works.
>However, I can not remove this stderr window. When I close this window, it eppears again.
>What kind of problem is that and how can I delete it?
>With the old Mathematica 3.0 I have not this problem.
>Thanks for help!


See the response to:

Jochen Wargulski ( -
MAthematica_and_Linux (#9384357493335)

on this page.

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