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07/31/12 10:25pm


I want to adjust the initial condition to fit the boundary condition and avoid NDSolve :: ibcinc error message.

The original initial condition :

The conflicting boundary condition :
Derivative[1, 0, 0][phi][sigma, theta, t] == (kappa/rc) (phi[sigma, theta, t])

When t=0 and original initial condition is adapted to boundary condition, derivative gives zero, but right side of BC gives (kappa/rc).

I tried to modify the initial condition to
phi[r,theta,t=0]==Fun1[r] ,
phi[r,theta,t=0]==Fun2[r] , and
to satisfy BC,
but still was given same ibcinc error message.

(Fun1~3 is in the attachment file.)

How can I solve this problem?


Attachment: Solving 2D PDE Ref. 27 eq. (6) M.Tachiya Radiat. Phys. Chem. 74, 132 (2005) to ask.nb, URL: ,
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