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08/01/12 4:12pm

Try pasting the output as input to Export:

Export["file.jpg", <pasted output here>]

You can even adjust the Locators in the pasted output before evaluating Export.

The model for dynamic modules is a little odd. Your variable EmissionData is stored in the kernel just as you defined it; it won't change, unless you redefine it. When its value appears as output, an instance of an interactive dynamic module is created in the front end. This happens every time EmissionData is evaluated, and thus you can have multiple, independent dynamic modules. When you copy and paste the output, yet another dynamic module is created but one whose variable settings have been copied.

Changing dynamic objects, such as your locators, change the variables associated with that instance. The original EmissionData is unchanged.

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Export DynamicModule Christian 07/31/12 10:33am
Re: Export DynamicModule Michael 08/01/12 4:12pm
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