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08/02/12 07:00am

I have a complex function, whose real and imaginary parts I am trying to plot separately. I have manually plugged in some more or less random (relevant) values for the variable, so I know the function is defined on the range I'm looking at.
That is, I do:
N[Re[function[x]]] for some different x's (have also done Im[]) values of x (x is real). This works just fine.
However, when I try to plot this function over the same range of x, the graph simply stops at one point, and doesn't plot the rest of the curve, although I know these points are perfectly well defined.
Then I thought I could write a loop that forces it to evaluate exactly the points that I want, but the same thing happens. The loop looks like this:

TMover5aIList = {};
min = 0.1 10^12;
max = 1.6 10^12;
steps = 0.1 10^12;
delta = 0.01 10^12;
For[i = min, i <= max, i += delta,
TMover5aIList =
Append[TMover5aIList, {i,
N[Im[\[Beta]z[4750 - 169 I,
i]]/((2 \[Pi] i) Sqrt[\[Epsilon]0 \[Mu]0])]}];
TM5aI = ListPlot[TMover5aIList, Joined -> True,
PlotStyle -> {Purple, Dashed}];

Where beta_z is sqrt(linear_in_x - complex_constant)

Do you know what's going on here?

[I've attached a picture of the graph, showing where it stops (purple, dashed curve)]

Attachment: GraphProblem.gif, URL: ,

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