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08/03/12 06:42am


I have a query concerning the plot of a large table. Basically I am evaluating the eigenvalues of a fairly large matrix. The entries of that matrix depend on k. Instead of letting Mathematica work with that general k, I intent to create a loop that evaluates all 20 eigenvalues for different k. I succeeded in doing this, using table, and my output is a list of lists of 20 eigenvalues for how many k's I want. Now what I would like to do is plotting a those point in a way that it plots the 20 eigenvalues corresponding to one k on a vertical line associated to that k, and the same for all other k's.

All it does when I use ListPlot etc, is that it plots each list and for every of the 20 points in the list it increases by one on the x-axis.

How could I get around that?



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